医療情報電子化 被災地から全国へ展開したい

The Yomiuri Shimbun (Sep. 27, 2011)
Computerizing medical records will save lives
医療情報電子化 被災地から全国へ展開したい(9月26日付・読売社説)

The March 11 disaster has thrown into sharp relief the importance of making medical information such as clinical records digitally available.

The lesson must be reflected in future medical reforms.

Medical records at many hospitals along the Tohoku coast were lost in the huge tsunami.

Even when their patients were taken in by other hospitals, it took some time for doctors to determine the most effective treatments because there was little information on hand about the patients’ ailments, such as high blood pressure, and prescription drug records.

Such a lack of medical information was also one of the major difficulties faced by doctors from across the country when they gathered at evacuation centers.

The lives of more disaster victims could have been saved if records of their examinations and treatments had been quickly confirmed online.

In its own disaster reconstruction plan, Miyagi Prefecture put forth “a medical integration plan utilizing information and communication technology.”

The prefecture is divided into seven medical regions, each with its own core hospital, but the plan calls for making information about clinical records, prescriptions and nursing care electronically available and administering it in a streamlined fashion for all regions through a data center.

Authorized medical institutions and nursing care facilities would be able to access the information online via an Internet service.


Govt support vital

The Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry is considering subsidizing the application of cloud computing to medical records.
This would be a move in the right direction, and we urge the ministry to give it sufficient support.

Electronically available medical information is useful not only in times of disaster but also in ordinary times.

For example, cooperation between major hospitals and nearby clinics and between home-visit nurses and nursing care services could be made easier.

Superfluous medical examinations and inconsistent drug prescriptions could be averted.

Patients taken to hospitals for emergency treatment could receive the most appropriate treatment more quickly.

Computerization of medical information would also be helpful in regions suffering from a shortage of doctors.  医師不足に苦しむ地域医療の現状を、改善する方向にもつながるはずだ。

More integrated record-keeping among medical institutions would make it less necessary for local governments to maintain major central hospitals, thus facilitating a more efficient dispersal of personnel.


A medical reform drive

The shortage of doctors is most serious in disaster-damaged areas.

This is one of the reasons behind Miyagi Prefecture’s call for computerization of medical treatment information in its rebuilding plan.

Iwate and Fukushima prefectures must make similar efforts.

Computerization of medical information had been called for since before the March 11 disaster.
The government’s IT Strategic Headquarters, the Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry and the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry, among others, have been trying to achieve such a system.

But actual progress so far has been limited to trailblazing hospitals and local governments.

Of course, sufficient measures must be taken to protect personal information.

High costs and other challenges must be overcome. But the creation of an online medical information on a prefectural basis would be a significant achievement.

We hope reforms in medical record-keeping, beginning in disaster-devastated areas, will spread throughout the country.

(From The Yomiuri Shimbun, Sept. 26, 2011)
(2011年9月26日01時04分 読売新聞)

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