profile in english

kaichan plays violine

■recent conditions

I’ve got stroke in last September, having slight difficulty to use my right hand. As I was luckey to recieve quick treatment including MRA scan, I manadged to escape the worst scenario in my life. Rehabilitation efforts are on the way.

※revised on 2010/09/08 (yyyy/mm/dd)


[ name ]
kiyoshi matsui (srachai)

[ career ]
・born in Fukuoka, Japan
・graduated from Kochi Univercity
・working with mid-sized general contractor
・ritired at 50 years old
・99/10 travelling entire Thailand 
・00/10 migrated to Thailand 
・03/07 kai-chan born 
・07/06 seefaa-chan born 
・present address in Khonkaen, Thiland 

[ favorite words ]
Slow and steady wins the race.

[ how to study ]
・speak aloud in Japanese
・think in Japanese.
・use dictionary with pronounciation

[ English Newspapers ]
yomiuri (editorial)
mainichi (editorial)
asahi (editorial)
Japan Times
Washington Post
Newyork Times
Bangkok Post
The Nations
Phuket Gazette

[ for your referance ]

[ dictionary edited by srachai ]
Thai-Japanese dictionary (revised)
Japanese-thai dictionary (revised)
Lao-Japanese dictionary
Japanese-Lao dictionary

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